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Using Retirement Funds to Invest in Oil and Gas

August 31, 2015 Chris Tanner, CEO of Diverse Retirement Solutions

Investing one’s retirement funds into energy based commodities, like oil and gas, can be an excellent way to provide both diversity and solid returns. In this article, we will investigate several ways to invest your retirement funds in oil and gas. The article will outline ways to invest both directly and indirectly, while making sure to follow the IRS rules.

Indirect Investing

Indirect investments are passive investments that most of us are already familiar with. For example, you can invest in specific oil and gas company like Exxon Mobile (XOM) or Conoco Phillips (COP). You can also invest in ETF’s like: U.S. Oil Fund (USO), S&P GSCI Crude Oil Total Return Index (OIL), or Vanguard’s Energy Fund (VDE).

Tax Lien Workshop - TONIGHT

August 6, 2015 By Sunny Lodge, Diverse Retirement Solutions

Best Way to Invest in Real Estate Right Now

April 13, 2015 By Chris Tanner, Co-Founder Diverse Retirement Solutions

Tony Spandrio and I just got back from a 3 day training in San Diego where we learned why the next big trend in real estate investing is “notes”. Foreclosures and short sales have really slowed down, and there’s a very good reason why. The new Dodd-Frank bill!!

Banks are no longer allowed to have too many “non-performing notes” on their books. If banks have a 7% or greater volume of non-performing notes they will come under scrutiny, and potentially be taken over. The problem banks face by foreclosing and conducting short sales is they simply take too long. So what are banks doing to get “non-performing notes” off their books?

Tax Lien Webinar is a Big Hit!

March 25, 2015 By Chris Tanner, Co-Founder Diverse Retirement Solutions

On March 24th, Diverse Retirement Solutions hosted a webinar focused on investing in tax liens. This webinar was by far and away the most attended event we have ever put on. I believe the reason is quite simple. Americans are hungry for safe, secure investments that generate solid returns. They have grown weary of the typical Wall Street financial advice, and are ready to take control of their financial futures.

During the webinar, we discussed how tax liens are backed by state law and have GUARANTEED rates of return. We also showed examples of how a small investment of just $222 could get someone a return of $6,720 in just 15 months. Tax liens are not widely known, and this is the reason I decided to build Tanner’s Tax Lien Academy.

Tanner's Tax Lien Academy Students Experience a VERY Successful Trip to Nebraska

March 10, 2015 By Chris Tanner, Co-Founder Diverse Retirement Solutions

Learn the Basics of Tax Liens
On March 2nd, Chris and Tony took a total of 10 people to a tax lien sale in Nebraska. The state of Nebraska pays a “state mandated” 14% interest on their tax liens. All told, the Tax Lien Academy crew was able to purchase roughly $75,000 worth of tax liens at this year’s sale. The $75,000 in tax liens will be generating roughly $10,500 a year in passive income for this group of students, or about $875 a month.

Cellairis – A Unique Franchise Business Opportunity

February 19, 2015 By Chris Tanner, Co-Founder Diverse Retirement Solutions

At a private invite only event, held in Denver on Feb 17th, investors were educated on a new business opportunity. The event was co-sponsored by Diverse Retirement Solutions and CXO Collective. CXO Collective recently signed an exclusive agreement to franchise a new cell phone repair business called Cellairis.


Pinnacles of Prosperity – Investing in Apartments

February 17, 2015 By Chris Tanner, Co-Founder Diverse Retirement Solutions

Pinnacles of Prosperity was a sold out event for Diverse Retirement Solutions

Pinnacles of Prosperity was a sold out event for Diverse Retirement Solutions. Mike Cranna, a seasoned Real Estate Investor and coach, led our students on an educational journey which outlined the “in’s and out’s” of investing in Apartments. As our economy consistently changes, more and more people are moving into the rental segment of the market rather than purchasing their own home.

Mutual Funds: What are You Really Paying?

January 7, 2015 By Chris Tanner, Co-Founder Diverse Retirement Solutions

Murual Funds - Depositphotos_54615675_xs.jpg
Most mutual fund owners are familiar with the “expense ratio” they are paying for someone to manage their fund. The expense ratio is the amount a mutual fund will advertise as the “expense” of owning a particular mutual fund. For example, a fund may advertise an expense ratio of .81%. That means for every $100 invested into the fund, the investor will be charged $.81 as a management fee. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Well, have you ever checked to see if the expense ratio is what you actually pay?

Key 401(k) Supreme Court suit will shake up retirement plan….

December 24, 2014 By Chris Tanner, Co-Founder Diverse Retirement Solutions

Key 401(k) Supreme Court suit will shake up retirement plan….

This morning I came across this article in Investment News by Darla Mercado, entitled: Key 401 (k) Supreme Court suite will shake up retirement plan advisors. Wow, this is just what we have been teaching for years and now we are seeing the Supreme Court get involved and begin to take action to help folks just like you and I take back control.

Supreme Court rules Excessive Fees for 401k funds are going to be regulated. Chris and I have been teaching this to our students for years. Stop paying these excessive fees to brokers and now the Supreme Court has a case before them which could change the way financial advisors are allowed to work with retirement plan fees for their clients.

Using Retirement Money to Invest in Oil

December 17, 2014 By Chris Tanner, Co-Founder Diverse Retirement Solutions

Using Retirement Money to Invest in OilDiverse Retirement Solutions had a fantastic webinar last night discussing the opportunity to invest in direct oil well ownership. We would like to thank our special guest, Kyle Thomason, with Downhole Energy for sharing such great information. Here is an overview of what was covered:

There are 2 basic types of oil wells you can invest in. Shallow well and deep well. Shallow wells, like the name suggests, are wells that only drill 2-4 thousand feet deep. Shallow wells are much cheaper to establish, ranging from $100,000 - $250,000 per well, as compared to deep wells which can cost up to 8 million to drill. Deep wells can go as deep as 12,000 feet, and can offer much higher returns but offer higher risk than shallow wells.

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