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Tanner's Tax Lien Academy

A new online learning course

Register NOW!

One-time Fee ONLY $49

The purpose of the Tax Lien Academy is very simple. I want you to learn the basic strategy for buying quality tax liens that will very likely earn you double digit returns with virtually no downside risk. They key is buying tax liens CORRECTLY! The Tax Lien Academy will show you how.

I have been investing in tax liens since 2006, and it is hands down the safest, most secure investment strategy I have ever found. Here’s why:

*I’ve been to numerous tax lien sales, and I’ve NEVER lost money at ANY of the sales I’ve attended.

When you invest in tax liens one of two things is going to happen:

1. You will earn a GUARANTEED rate of return! This guaranteed return is based on STATE LAW.

2. You will end up owning valuable real estate FREE AND CLEAR!

*Over the past 9 years I have earned just under a 13% rate of return on my tax lien investments.

*I no longer invest in the stock market, because I can’t afford to subject my hard earned money to the huge losses that are growing more common in today’s economy. I cannot control the stock market, but I can control which tax liens I choose to purchase, therefore I’m in complete control of my investment future.

Here’s what you are going to learn in this four-module online course!


How to find QUALITY tax lien sales! Not all tax lien sales are profitable, or worth investing in.


The correct way to prepare for a tax lien sale, so you feel confident you are buying high quality tax liens that are going to make you money.


Common mistakes to avoid. Mistakes that many beginning tax lien investors make.

Check Chris’ insider secrets! This is stuff that took me 9 years to learn, and I’m going to share it with you.
Check How to invest your retirement money in tax liens. Hint: You can’t do this with “traditional” retirement plans.

Register NOW!

One-time Fee ONLY $49

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