Our Book – “Beat the Traditional Retirement System”

For decades, wealthy Americans have used unique and little known self-trustee retirement plans, known as STRIP plans, that provide significant tax advantages and superior wealth building strategies. Now it’s time for you to learn their secrets for beating the traditional retirement system.

You can do this by putting your hard-earned retirement dollars into a STRIP plan that is completely under your control. No longer will you have to pay fees to a financial institution for managing your retirement funds. You, too, can take advantage of an IRS code that allows you to manage your own Self-Trustee Retirement Investment Plan, better known as the STRIP Plan.

Through real-life examples and easy-to follow steps, retirement expert and educator Chris Tanner teaches you:

  • Easy-to-understand overview of IRS tax code for retirement plans
  • 7 secrets for taking control of your retirement
  • Advantages of STRIP Plan over traditional 401(K)’s and IRA’s
  • Steps for establishing and managing STRIP Plan
  • Investment options available for STRIP plan
  • Key takeaways in every chapter

Start your journey toward financial security by obtaining checkbook control of your retirement funds today.

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