We look at the Wall Street-driven retirement planning industry like we do a casino. We all know that if you choose to play in a casino, the casino has the house edge. In the long run, the casino always comes out ahead because the odds are always stacked in their favor. When it comes to retirement planning and fund management, Wall Street always comes out ahead as well.

They accomplish this by charging “management fees.” These management fees result in 100’s of BILLIONS in profits every year. The sad thing is, Wall Street makes these profits regardless of how they perform for your individual retirement account.

Our mission is a simple one. We want to educate people, and let them know they do NOT have to play by Wall Street’s rules. Americans need to know they can pull their retirement money out of Wall Street and manage it themselves, without all the fees. In addition, I want Americans to know they are perfectly capable of managing their own retirement plans.

We have been programmed to believe it’s “too difficult” to manage on our own, and we should just leave it up to the “professionals.” Of course Wall Street wants us to believe this, because it keeps us dependent on them. It’s time for Americans to wake up, take back control, and quit being dependent on Wall Street. Our purpose is to simply show them the path.

With our self-directed 401K plans, you too can take control of your retirement planning in a way that’s simple to understand.

Learn more about our mission and what drives us below.

Diverse Retirement Solution’s Mission Statement:

At Diverse Retirement Solutions, our mission is to put the control of your retirement planning back in your hands. We accomplish this by establishing individualized 401K plans that allow you to invest in alternative assets like real estate and precious metals while giving YOU full checkbook control of your retirement funds. We strive to educate our clients about this unique proven and safe strategy.